RTI 24 Hour Vacuum Truck Service
Randy's Trucking, Inc. 1050 Wood St. Taft, CA 93268
Ph. (661) 763-4773, Fax (661) 763-5520  info@randystruckinginc.com
Call, fax or email for pricing on all winch truck, heavy haul or crane services.

Ph. (661) 763-4773
Fax (661) 763-5520

Winch Truck and Crane

RTI's Winch & Crane division has been providing service for rig moves, tank transportation, heavy equipment hauling and much more for many years. Our list of trailers include...
  • Tailboard
  • Lowbed
  • Cozad
  • Flatbed
  • Dovetail
  • Belly dump 

 We also have both 23 and 17 ton hydrocranes available as well, with operators and swampers to assist with any job. For more information, including a price list for all services, call, fax or email.

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